W5 Magazine Privacy Policy

Welcome to W5 Magazine, your Bangkok guide on where to go with who, what to do when, and why. Below is our privacy policy. Please read about the information we collect, how we intend to use it for your benefit, and the choices you have as a member of our community.

What you need to know:

Your privacy is strictly under your control. You may cancel your membership with any of our services at any time We will never sell your personally-identifiable information to any third-party.

What do we do with your information:

In order to send you our newsletters, W5 Magazine collects both personally-identifiable information (like your email address) and non-personally-identifiable information (like your favorite drink).

Like you, we hate spam, and we hate getting calls from people trying to make us buy things. However, W5 Magazine may share some information with carefully selected partners with whom we work with. This is to provide you with special members perks like private party invites, restaurant deals, and other prizes. The partners we work with are contractually obligated to not share your information beyond the scope of our partnership.

Some of your personally-identifiable-information may be shared to third party service providers to perform functions on our behalf. This includes but is not limited to information of postal address for sending contest prizes, information to administer contests or sweepstakes.


W5 Magazine may use cookies to store simple information about when you log into our site. If you do not want cookies, you can simple clear them on your web browser.

What else?:

Your information is kept in our secure, encrypted server. On occasion, you may need to provide us with a password to change the email address when necessary. This process is secure and communication will be limited to what you want to hear from us.

While we may link to other sites, we can not always be responsible for their content. You may need to check their privacy policy to see how they treat your information.

W5 Magazine may change our privacy policy in the future--but we will always post it up on this page with the date in which changes were made.